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Samurai Warriors Spirit of Sanada XboxOne

Exiting the base area will lead to the world map screen. Tri reveals the battles and search maps. Battles that directly affect the main story are marked with signpost icons. X returns the player character to their headquarters.

“Sanada Six Coins” is a new feature which affects ally morale for battles. The more filled the gauge, the higher morale will be at the start of battle. These coins can be filled by performing optional “Tasks” in the base area, fulfilling special conditions during battle (which can be checked by pressing Select in the battle preparation screen/pause menu), or achieving a high evaluation grade after battles. Tasks within the base can often be triggered by talking to characters with the Six Coin icons hovering by their character names; their tasks may include locating items within the campgrounds or spreading information.

During battle, the player can trigger stratagems (called “Next Move” in Asian ports) if they have the coins completely filled. In exchange for losing the Six Coins, the player can send in ally reinforcements to drastically change the flow of battle. It can be used to save a losing battle or to completely dominate opponents.

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