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Rust Xbox One

Getting started also feels less of a chore thanks to resources offering up more per mining attempt, and at a much faster rate. Within a few minutes you can have an axe, a spear, and some food ready for the journey. Gathering the lumber to produce a house is equally as quick.

The workbench has been scrapped, eliminating the need to research new items. Everything can be built without preparation from a crafting window, excluding items that require smelted metal.

Building has had a massive overhaul and is the most obviously improved element of Rust. These days you craft a design plan, which is then used in combination with a radial menu to produce components for your build. Each section is represented in the world with a hologram-like placeholder, and draws wood from your inventory when placed, rather than having to be built in advance. This makes construction quicker and easier; being able to see a visualisation of your next construct before spending the resources stops you wasting wood on components you don’t need. There’s a ‘stability’ rating too, that will cause your buildings to collapse should you fail to prop it up with enough pillars and supporting walls. It’s not based on any real physics so you can make some pretty amazing structures, but the system does demand a level of logic to item placement.

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