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Rocketbirds 2 Evolution XboxOne

Four of the six levels are large, somewhat open-ended stages with a Metroid-style map system. You might have to fetch a bomb to blow open a certain wall, or track down a specific guard to gain a keycard for a locked door, and you’ll need to gun down everything in between. The layouts are fairly linear once you get a good look at them, but in the moment it’s possible to get turned around. I actually appreciated that. The game felt bigger as a result, and since the four larger levels have disparate, reasonably well-done themes (there’s a sinister “meat factory” and a jungle fortress, to name two others), I didn’t even mind the odd bout of backtracking.

Rocketbirds 2 has light puzzle solving, but even that description might be too generous. It’s simple, repetitive fluff that you can often work out at first glance. Occasionally, you’ll line up a ricocheting laser pointer with an enemy soldier from afar, activate a mind-control device, and use them to access a nearby button to open the way forward. It doesn’t go much deeper than that.

The remaining two levels are condensed, single-area sequences where you’re either swimming or flying around and firing at wave after wave after — really, another wave? — of enemies. They both outstayed their welcome and had me wishing I was using a mouse instead of a gamepad. The aiming in this game feels slightly imprecise to me in general, but it’s even more pronounced here since you inherently can’t stand still and you also have explosives chasing you down from every which way.

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