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Get Even XboxOne

British amnesiac Cole Black wakes up in this setting with nothing but a cell phone — and a gun, of course. We are then tasked with somehow navigating him toward the girl his text messages are taunting him about, a teen who is about to be blown up for whatever reason and whom he has no hope in saving, according to his tormentors.

Thus begins a slow, plodding slog through several lookalike buildings, each one befit with creaky staircases and overbearing lights that make you wonder who’s paying the electricity bill. Switching through the different tools on the phone, like a scanner, a map and a UV light are meant to give these exploratory segments some purpose and diversity beyond “go find that girl you’re supposed to save.” Unfortunately, most of them are little used, and none are good for much more than detecting footprints to follow through some dull rooms. Cycling through them is also a pain, due to wonky, sensitive controls.


Still, switching back and forth between tools gives Get Even a sort of interesting, puzzle-like mechanic. If the whole thing was about making smart choices about which equipment was needed when, the game would be better for it. The Farm 51 is trying to make its gritty, psychological thriller a first-person shooter first, and Get Even’s combat is terrible.

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