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Dead Rising 4 Xbox One

And I sincerely mean that. From everything I saw and played, Capcom Vancouver has tapped the vein of what makes Dead Rising its own refreshingly unique take on the zombie game, and is poised to deliver another shot in the arm when the next chapter of the series launches “holiday 2016.”

It’s a playground full of lifeless cannon fodder whose sole purpose is to be there, roaming and groaning and slowly shuffling toward me when I A) figure out that I can stick dynamite in a crossbow, and B) want to see what happens when I pull the trigger. It’s a chaos simulator and this time around, from the 15 minutes I spent turning zombies into puddles, it’s been cranked way the hell up.

Duct-taping things together to create grin-inducing and exceedingly nasty combo weapons has returned with an especially mean streak — wait until you adhere liquid nitrogen to a broadsword — but this time around, Capcom is ramping up the power-fantasy tools at your disposal, and making the actual world your toolbox.

And Dead Rising 4 will welcome four-player cooperative play to complete missions and tear through the horde with friends, or join a quick match and enter a game in progress with randomly matched players.

Though Capcom is tempering all of this new sheen with the old familiar. Dead Rising 4 is, in many ways, a homecoming for the series. It’s headed back to where it all started, Willamette, Colorado, and is once more headed up by freelance photographer and semi-professional zombie slayer Frank West.

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