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World of Warcraft Legion Xbox 360

Blizzard announced the Legion, the sixth expansion to World of Warcraft today at Gamescom. From first impressions, it seems that this was something of a “give them everything they always wanted ‘reaction to the news extremely dark of declining Warlords of Draenor subscription counters (which is not surprising given the many problems surrounding the expansion), but I do not mean that in a sardonic way at all I’m really effing excited for this expansion.

Here are the new features announced:

Demon Hunter class
Death Knights are not the only hero class in the game, because they will be joined by demon hunters in the Legion. The Illidari was a huge part of The Burning Crusade, and now players will be able to learn more about their sacrifice and did fight alongside either the Alliance or the Horde in an effort to stop what Blizzard called “the greatest demonic invasion in history Warcraft. ”

Staying true to Lore, demons hunters will only be available for Elf characters (night or blood variety) and only have two characteristics: Havok (DPS) and Vengeance (tanking). The limit only two specifications and two races is a bit shocking, but I agree with their decision here no other race makes no sense for a Illidari, and there’s not really much need artificially thin on talent pool for DPS hunters demons just to fit in a second DPS spec.

Being a hero class, demon hunters will start at a high level, they do not mention this level, but based off of where the death of the Knights began in Wrath of the Lich King (55) from the then cap the level of 80, possibly 85? And if it is anything like the experience Death Knight, severance history will probably take you about 90, where you can then blow through Warlords content and get the broken islands as quickly as possible. This is somewhat less shocking that the experience of DK for at least Warlords is related Legion, while Death Knights have faced anachronism to return to Outland to end Illidan and company before to fulfill their destiny in Northrend with the rest of their cohorts.

New Continent: Broken Isles
This time we will stay on our own planet, a collection of islands just south of the Maelstrom that have been mentioned for years but never actually seen out of cards. Five areas have been announced, which seems more or less jive with previous common knowledge on Islands broken: there are about four main islands and a series of smaller ones.

Did we mention that Blizzard announced this as the greatest invasion of the Legion NEVER? Yes, the Burning Legion attack again, but this time we will travel directly to the Tomb of Sargeras, where he locked up the most harmful of demons while still a do-good, modest Titan. Sargeras was the white whale over a WoW player for years, and even though we do not know if it will actually go through with gigantic feet with the creator and leader of the Burning Legion itself in this expansion, get this close to it will be a thrill.

I hope you’re not sick of the AU Gul’dan again, because it will be again a lot of WoW history following actions set in motion in Warlords (why oh why have -we free it!). This story so thankfully takes place on the main world Azeroth as we know and love, that made some sense of consequence.

Artifact weapons
One of the biggest problems plaguing the world of Warcraft experience in recent years has been the homogenization of classes, and the fact that, apart from some visual spell flavor, there is not a ton differentiation between classes today. Artifact weapons are a response to this, and in my opinion a surprising response. Each spec (no class, spec!) Will have their own artifact weapon to discover and upgrade, offering huge expanses of tradition and flavor specific to the class that has been conspicuously absent from the end.

For example, the gel-spec Death Knights will travel to the Citadel to pick up the pieces of Frostmourne left after the famous meeting with the Lich King at the end of Wrath of the Lich King, and forge their own version of the rune blade legendary for their own destructive purpose. Mistweaver monks will travel Pandaria for more Celestial August and soak personal with their powers. It is an interesting way to develop the traditions of the class, and get use out of older areas that have long been forgotten. Who would have thought that we would get more lore after Pandaria Mists?

The artifacts will be upgraded, too, with a system that seemed reminiscent of the sphere grid system in Final Fantasy X. The acquisition of these upgrade points is by a system where virtually all what you do in the game, raids battlefields for quests, help to level your artifact.

Players are also able to customize the appearance of their artifact, too. If you are more interested in the natural side of shamanism, for example, your Doomhammer (yes, you can wield the legendary hammer Thrall) can look the part. If you are more of a vengeful, fire Shaman, however, you can reflect that with a melted Doomhammer on the topic. really cool things.

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