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Victor Vran is an action role-playing video game developed by the Bulgarian independent development studio Haemimont Games, creators of recent Tropico titles. Victor Vran is published on Steam by EuroVideo Medien. It entered Steam Early Access in February 2015[1] and the final version has been released in July 2015.[2] The setting of the game resembles Gothic-fantasy fairy tale where both magic and science have place in the world. The title exited early access on July 24, 2015.[3]

I’ve been grinding my way through a haunted graveyard and chugging on health potions every few seconds when I have to admit it: I’m getting my ass kicked by a bunch of skeletons and spiders. The sword I’ve been using for the last few levels seems to have fallen behind the power curve, and I’m taking too much damage while I weakly stab baddies to death.

Just in time, I open a treasure chest and find the preposterously named Zealous Executioner’s Hammer of Luck. I equip the monstrous two-handed warhammer and take aim at a nearby skeleton, the first of an advancing horde. He explodes so violently that the skeleton next to him explodes, setting off the next one, until the entire group has been reduced to a pile of calcium after one hit. Well, well, well. This hammer is a keeper.

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