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Psychonauts 2 Xbox 360

Not every level is as good as the next, though. Take the spirit of Milgranda Burton, estimated marine biology professor who harbors secret fantasies of being a mermaid (and is also a hilarious parody of Jane Goodall). His spirit form as a vision of Atlantis, spliced ​​with manual charts and academic minutiae. It looks beautiful, but Raz guide through this underwater metropolis becomes a chore, shifting your focus and creative ideas on the mechanics of swimming frustrating and labyrinthine layout. The majority of mental worlds are accessible, entertaining, and thought-provoking, but some demand too much familiarity with pop culture. Appreciating the spirit of Trubert the otaku son of a wealthy playboy, requires extensive knowledge of anime and Japanese culture to reconsider all references.

But most important, Psychonauts 2 manages to retain the charm and whimsy of the original, expanding the story and gameplay polish to a shine. Being able to explore the innermost thoughts of the carrier distribution is for the development of amazing nature, you live through the memories and experiences instead of being told about them by the boring dialogue or audio logs cliche. The peak of this psychological spelunking involves Raz Lili and explore the minds of each other, giving you a peek into their young love endearing (and never walk outside the boundaries of a PG innocence). And writing Psychonauts 2 is simply funny, with visual gags and witty speech throughout, delivered with impeccable voice and action.

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