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Killing Floor 2 Xbox 360

Gameplay consists of players fighting through waves against Zeds. As the waves pass, on behalf of the enemy, who plays for the number of players in the game will increase and different types of enemies are introduced with the latest wave culminating in a boss fight. The boss character will be determined randomly at the beginning of the last wave, with each boss have different strategies to defeat. Players are equipped with weapons and gun battle, a healing syringe, and a welder used to block the passages. weapons randomly, ammunition, weapons can be found by exploring the level, although players have a limited amount of weight they can carry.

When players kill a Zed, they earn money in the game and experience points. The realization of certain types of people killed as a whim, will the game to enter the “time zed” seconds where all the action game for all the players are slowed, which for players can be used to target carefully their next shot or start a different course of action. The player can take damage from the different Zeds, which can be restored by using their own medical syringe on themselves or have another person use them, among other regenerative. Once the health of a player is drained, the player character will die and they will not reappear until the end of the current wave; the mission fails if all players are dead simultaneously. Players earn a monetary bonus to survive a turn, they can use to buy and sell body armor, ammunition and weapons in a shop that is only open for a limited period between rounds. playing games can be configured depending on the number of laps before the boss fight, and more than four levels of difficulty. A patch to be released in early 2016 include a dynamic difficulty option, where “Game Controller” a computer-based, will be able to modify the strength of the following waves, either by making them easier or harder based on the current performance of the players.

Before starting a gambling game, the player selects one of several advantages representing basic combat classes (such as “medic on the ground,” “commando,” or “carrier”) with multiple boosts skills as a better damage with specific types of weapons, healing other characters, or welding doors more effectively. In the meta game, players earn experience points for their characters to gain experience levels one advantage by actions related to these Perk classes; for example, healing other players win “medic field” experience even if the player uses the field “medic” Perk. Most experience is gained using specific weapons in this class, such as explosive weapons for the “demolition” class. Each level increases the basic skills of statistics of the personality of the player when they use this perk, while all five levels, the player will be able to select one of two specific skills to allow their character. Skills include a mixture of passive and active abilities, including some that can benefit other members of the team. Players also have the ability to configure their character in the game thanks to a number of characters and pre-made options for coloring clothes and accessories, although these have no impact on the gameplay.

An April 2016 Patch added a player against player mode, in which one or more players take the role of a mercenary to kill Zed players. Zed-based players will be able to use the capabilities of Zeds because they are in the game as a Stalker Zed remaining invisible without load.

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