Grand Slam Tennis 2 – XBOX 360 Free Torrent

Grand Slam Tennis 2 – XBOX 360

Grand Slam Tennis 2 comes to the sports gaming sphere when fans of the sport already have two other options: Top Spin 4 and Virtua Tennis 4. To stand out from its competition, it’s coming onto the court as the only game with all four Grand Slam venues and a deep roster of legendary players, featuring names that people from all walks of life should recognize. While these two elements are good, a weak career mode and a lack of additional courts cause Grand Slam Tennis 2 to land in the middle of the tennis gaming landscape.

For starters, Grand Slam Tennis 2 is extremely user-friendly thanks in part to two different control options. EA Sports games have never been afraid of letting you use the right analog stick to control things. Here, it’s used for swing mechanics. Flicking the stick in a different direction will result in a different kind of shot. The stick is used for all aspects on the court, including serving, and it works well in all regards. But for those who want simple button presses to dictate shots, that option is also available and can be grasped in no time.

PlayStation 3 owners have the additional benefit of the Move controller, and as you’d expect, it works fairly well. There are some minor delay responses, specifically when you’re required to bring your hand down to initiate a serve, but otherwise, no real problems exist. On top of that, if you have a navigation controller, or want to hold a Sixaxis in the other hand, you can use it to control your player instead of your player being moved automatically.

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