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Freedom Planet 2 Xbox360

We don’t seem to have mentioned Freedom Planet much on PC Gamer, but you probably already know that it’s a Sonic-like platformer, and the Mega Drive-loving yin to Shovel Knight’s very NES-y yang. It’s a bit of a cult hit on that there Internet, and now a sequel has just been announced that aims to move beyond the limitations of a Mega Drive game.

“The original Freedom Planet was modeled as a tribute to Sega Genesis platform games,” developer Stephen DiDuro says on the Freedom Planet 2 site. “We’ve learned what works and what doesn’t, what’s fun and what’s frustrating, what we should expand on and what we can afford to lose. With all of this in mind, we feel that we are ready to bid farewell to nostalgia and create a sequel that will define Freedom Planet’s identity as a franchise.”

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