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Embers of Mirrim XBOX360 torrent download

Indie studio Creative Bytes has announced Embers of Mirrim, an adventure-platformer in which you play as a mystical creature able to split into light and dark entities known as embers. And when an alien threat emerges and the fate of the world hangs in the balance, two proud races will need to work together to save it.

As the eponymous Mirrim, you can jump, split, reconnect and collect items, as you pass through dangerous obstacles and puzzles, as you fight to save your world. Featuring a “dramatic landscape” to explore, Embers of Mirrim enables you to use the “opposing forces of the Embers to affect creatures and relics in the world in unexpected ways.”

Classic platforming, puzzle-solving, boss battles and chase sections are promised for Embers of Mirrim, as well as precise controls to control the Light and Dark Embers using the left and right analog sticks (a bit like Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons), unique gameplay mechanics and rich environments.

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