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Darksiders 3 Xbox 360

Game Zone shared that a developer at Gunfire Games/Nordic revealed on Steam’s discussion forums that the remaster “Darksiders 2” had testing if anyone was still interested. After acquiring the franchise, Nordic Games has been looking for options for producing a “Darksiders 3.”

The date of release of “Darksiders 3” is still uncertain, but players are already inquiring what the new game could include. The website Gameskinny speculates that “Darksiders 3” might focus on Strife, since War and Death already have their own games and there are four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and not only two.

Strife wields two pistols, Mercy and Redemption, and he is known for his excellent marksmanship. If “Darksiders 3” would have Strife as main character, then the shooting mechanics employed by the current games could expand to a more 3rd person style.

The game could employ a “Matrix” style diving mechanics and bullet time, being based on stylistic shooting. Maybe the standard “Darksiders” abilities could be mixed with wall running.

Since they are four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, “Darksiders 3” might also focus on Fury instead of Strife, or maybe could even have two main protagonists, Strife and Fury. The main weapon of Fury is a whip and claws the secondary.

It is still unknown what exactly the “Darksiders 3” game will include and when will be released. However, what is certain is that the fans of the series are waiting for more news from the Nordic Games developer.

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