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Atelier Sophie The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book Xbox360

A relatively simple yet somewhat deep game. Albeit it doesn’t harbor a really challenging difficulty nor a complex story, it offers an easygoing narrative in which its gameplay rewards aspects like exploration and collections of items for alchemy recipes over other more common in the genre like action, narrative and complex controls.

The Atelier games are smarter than almost anyone gives them credit for, and Atelier Sophie is no different. The gentle coming of age narrative, coupled with the pastoral setting and likable ensemble cast, make for a very fine start to a new trilogy (we assume) in Gust’s marquee franchise.

Having played every Atelier there is under the far sun, I think I can safely say that I know my stuff about Atelier games.

Atelier Sophie is the perfect definition of an atypic JRPG, with a strong Japanese art style, a narration full of dialogues, a limited battle-system and a linear development of the characters.

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