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Agents of Mayhem Xbox360

Agents of Mayhem takes place in the same universe as Saints Row – and delivers a refreshing twist on that beloved over-the-top formula. The game sees players explore a futuristic version of Seoul, South Korea, with a team of elite agents who are on a quest to stop a collection of supervillains. Think of it as a 1960s spy thriller, crossed with the zaniness that you’d expect from a Volition creation. And since this is a Volition game, don’t think for a moment that the agents are exactly the “good guys.”

During our recent hands-on time, we got the chance to take control of agents Hollywood, Fortune, and Rama – and we found that their diverse sets of abilities made for team-based customization that rivaled the personal touches seen in Saints Row.

Hollywood is a leading action man straight out of the world of ’80s excess – and with an appropriate attitude (and powerful rocket launcher) to boot. Fortune, a former sky pirate from Columbia, wields dual pistols and a killer drone that makes her the right fit for a tight spot; she was definitely our go-to agent when we needed to fight our way out of a swarm of foes. Finally, Rama, a cloaked archer from India, is a master with long-range arrows… perfect for an assault from a distance, which clears the way for Hollywood to go straight-up action hero on the enemy remnants.

In a way, Agents of Mayhem almost plays out like a team-based fighting game. You can swap between your agents at any time, and part of the challenge comes from building a three-person team that’s perfect for the mission at hand.

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