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Lone Echo PS4

Then, I was able to try the multiplayer, where five players teamed up against five others in a game that resembled the training missions in the film Ender’s Game. Our bodies glowed in orange or blue, depending on which team we were on, in an art style that resembled Tron. We had to learn how to move through the zero-gravity arena, capture a disc, and send it into the enemy’s goal, while the enemy tried to get the disc into our goal. It was like Quidditch in the Harry Potter tales.

I found that I didn’t get motion sickness even though I was bouncing around the arena, which had big triangular blocks in the middle that we could bounce off of. That was because there was always an intentional attempt to use my hands to move in a particular direction so that my head, hands, and sense of direction never got out of sync. Every now and then, the tracking was slightly off, and I had to try several times to grab something.

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