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Farming Simulator 19 PS4

Have you ever just wanted to till the earth, to see the fruits of your labors grow from your works in the fields, to get delicious milk directly from a cow’s supple udders as a result of your caring for its every need? Do you desire to to see hay production through from the cultivation of the seeds to the wrapping of the bales? It’s not something I’ve ever been particularly interested in — I mean, I don’t even drink milk, and there’s a reason I’m a writer instead of doing physical labor — but Farming Simulator 17 brings the joys of farming life to a virtual world without the need to ever leave the couch or dirty these perfect hands. Seriously, I’ve got some smooth hands for a dude, and if I can do some farming without callousing them up, then you’ve piqued my interest in trying to earn an honest living from the land.

What could possibly be new in Farming Simulator 2017? Female farmers, for one! They’ve brought female character models into the game because it’s silly to think that the men are the ones driving the tractors and tilling the fields for soybean crops — which is a new crop addition to Farming Simulator 2017, in addition to the sunflower crop. And yes, the sunflowers do actually move their heads towards the direction of the sun along with the day/night cycle of the game which was strangely alluring to watch in a time lapse as one of the developers fast-forwarded.

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