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Rocketbirds 2 Evolution PS3

Rocketbirds 2: Evolution was a fantastic surprise for me. Having never touched the first game (even though I owned it through PS+), I had no idea what to expect. In the end what I got was a mostly solid single player campaign, with a co-op mode that could have me coming back for ages.
Those who had fun with Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken will find everything that featured that joyful experience, with its quite rough irony that was yet able to bring a smile. The others might have to take Rocketbirds 2: Evolution in a more cautious way, because of its weak control system and lack of content.

Rocketbirds 2 is a game strictly for fans of the series. With imprecise controls yet precise aiming requirements, you can expect to curse your way through most of the game’s boss fights (especially those that take place in the air, or under the water, or in space, or, well, anywhere the camera changes perspective).

My dissatisfaction with Rocketbirds 2 stems from Ratloop’s poorly implemented ambition. On paper, the new tweaks and gameplay adjustments should have made for a much more fun game. But because the combat, which wasn’t great in the first place, never got the shot in the arm it needed, the whole thing is a mess.

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