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Men in Black 3 SAS - PS3

Serious challenge is what Men of War: Assault Squad is all about. This tactical real-time game from Digitalmindsoft is something of a crueler version of similar games such as Company of Heroes and Codename: Panzers. Like the original Men of War that became a cult hit in 2009, this take-no-prisoners sequel boasts a rigorous attention to realism geared toward confounding tank rushers with no understanding of combined-arms tactics. In other words, you really have to know what you’re doing to avoid the fate of having your name carved on a cenotaph back home in 1945. If you’re up for a grueling yet satisfying slog through Tom Brokaw’s war, this is a great way to kill some more Nazis on your nights off.

Even though battles play out a little like battlefield games of chess, you still get to blow things up on a regular basis.
The basics of Assault Squad fit in with the likes of its WWII real-time strategy predecessors. The structure of the game is simple, and the interface is so intuitive that you don’t need to refer to the manual or go through a tutorial (which you don’t get anyway). Scenarios are tackled by starting at the south end of the map and blitzkrieging your way to the north, blowing apart progressively tougher enemy troop emplacements and fortifications as you go. If you capture flag-bedecked strategic points on the battlefields, you’re rewarded with unit points that you can use to order up new troops, tanks, mortars, and naval bombardments.

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