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Lost Ark PS3

Enter Lost Ark, a new dungeon crawling game being developed by South Korean developers Smilegate, famous for their free-to-play shooter CrossFire. The game had a trailer released this week, showing off the world being created for player to inhabit, level up, gain loot and kill tons of unique creatures. It may very well be one of the loveliest trailers of the year, showing off some slick animation and wonderful visual effects like massive flaming dragon spells. Plus, it has cherry blossoms, I mean seriously when do cherry blossoms not look good in a game?

The game’s website is up and running, but is only in Korean and it is not known if the game will be made available to Western audiences or not as of yet. Either way, it is worth checking out the fun eight minutes of footage in the trailer below. Are you hoping Lost Ark comes to the West? Let me know in the comments below.

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