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Kings Quest PS3

King’s Quest is an ongoing episodic video game series developed by The Odd Gentlemen, published by Sierra Entertainment for the Playstation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and Windows and distributed by Activision. It is a new re-imagining of the long-running King’s Quest series. While it is an adventure game like the previous games in the series, the interface is not fully point-and-click (the PC version only uses point-and-click for the dialogue and first person scenes).[4]

The game is one of several attempts at resurrecting or rebooting the King’s Quest franchise since 1998, and its first chapter was released some 32 years after King’s Quest I. The new chapters are seen as neither a remake nor necessarily a sequel but a “re-imagining” (the original games are considered to be part of the canon of the new series, as each chapter will take place between those games, but previous games may be reinterpreted in completely new ways.[5][6]

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