Batman Arkham Origins DLC Pack 1 – PlayStation3 Free Torrent

Batman Arkham Origins DLC Pack 1 PlayStation3

Batman: Arkham Origins is introducing us to a fresh prequel for the series where a young Dark Knight contends with a number of deadly assassins on Christmas Eve. If you’re a devoted fan of the series, you might want to consider the PlayStation 3 version of the game, as it comes with exclusive content highlighted in the trailer below.

Those who buy the game at retail or digitally through the PlayStation Network will receive two special skins – a Knightfall costume based on the short DC Comics Batman series, and a skin that resembles the same outfit Adam West wore for the campy 1960’s series.

In addition, the game will come with three new combat maps, as well as two Predator maps. These include “Azrael Does Not Protect,” “City On Fire,” “Venom Connection,” “Turning Point” and “No Rest For the Wicked.”

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