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5 Star Wrestling PlayStation3

The game features eight strikingly familiar playable wrestlers, now we’re having the best games torrents. Each with a particular face/heel (good/bad) persuasion, and a certain skill set including Brute, Technician, Showman, and Risk Taker. With talent including Raging Andy Organ (RAO), Curtis Angel, Mike Iceberg, and ‘The Bull’ Jonny Miavia, one might wonder how such blatant near-infringement of copyright law hasn’t got the big E’s lawyers salivating – but the name likenesses are just the beginning.
For example, all of the real life talent’s signature taunts and moves are also featured, their entrance music is uncannily similar, and 5 Star Wrestling’s own Ragnabrök ‘The Conqueror’ boasts an eerily similar dagger tattoo to the one emblazoned on Brock Lesnar’s real-life chest.
Unfortunately, the gameplay is equally unoriginal, borrowing the controls scheme made popular by the WWE series. X is strike, R2 and L2 are used to counter grapples and strikes respectively, and using the right stick allows you to perform a hold of your own, with various shoulder button configurations allowing for different moves to be performed. When you’ve built up enough steam, you can perform your signature move with triangle as many times as you desire within a short time period. Perplexingly, one of the only buttons to have its mapping altered is the one used to run, which has been changed to square, making sprinting and performing a strike or a signature move unnecessarily difficult.

Some moves deal more damage than others, and the amount of punishment taken by a competitor can be monitored on models in the respective corners of the screen. The various body parts will slowly fill with colour depending on which are being damaged, beginning at yellow, before progressing to orange, red, and then black. Targeting a particular limb can be challenging, however, as while it is possible to view your performer’s move set via the pause menu, there’s no proper limb-targeting system, and no way of knowing which area the moves affect.

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