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Myst V End of Ages - PC

It’s been more than 10 years since Myst revolutionized adventure gaming with its beautiful, surrealistic scenery, its elegantly simple point-and-click interface, and its mind-bending logic puzzles. And now the series is officially concluding with Myst V: End of Ages, a game that stays true to its roots, such as by having a remarkable audiovisual presentation. Last year’s Myst IV: Revelation was created by Ubisoft Montreal, which did an excellent job of following in the footsteps of Myst’s original developer, Cyan Worlds, who returned to the helm for this final chapter. Ironically, then, Myst V omits a few of the key presentational features that made last year’s game so captivating, and its fully 3D graphics aren’t necessarily a superior alternative to the prerendered scenes of most previous Myst installments. Regardless of that, Myst V concludes this landmark series with dignity and style, delivering a challenging and sophisticated adventure that contains a number of satisfying moments.

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