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LocoCycle is a motorcycle racing video game developed by Twisted Pixel Games and published by Microsoft Studios. Originally announced as an Xbox Live Arcade title at the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2012, LocoCycle was released in November 2013 for Xbox One, and was released in February 2014 (Valentine’s Day) for Microsoft Windows and Xbox 360.
The game stars “I.R.I.S.” (voiced by Lisa Foiles), a sentient motorcycle that looks similar to light cycles from the Tron franchise. It graduated from Big Arms Academy’s School of Assassination as valedictorian. The bike can perform over 40 forms of combat and speaks 50 languages. It can also travel a mile in 20 seconds (180 mph or 290 km/h), and can cloak.I.R.I.S. is accompanied by a Spanish-speaking mechanic named Pablo (voiced by Freddy Rodriguez), who is dragged along behind her during the game’s events.

Robert Patrick provides the voice of an antagonist motorcycle called S.P.I.K.E. Additionally, the game features live-action sequences with performance by actors such as Freddy Rodriguez, James Gunn, and Tom Savini.

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